(July 1976)

Your heart may be like a dove,
But mine is like a sparrow;
It takes no time for me to love,
So quickly Cupid aims his arrow.

Even thought two hearts shattered
And from those feeling love’s through,
I am and will always be flattered
By having been able to say ‘I love you.’

If we cannot be more than friend
And never again lovers,
I hope our feelings will not end
And the hurt our friendship covers.

Sorry I scared you with what was said
For I spoke the words of love too fast
And by that everything was mislead
To start a thing that was not to last.

I still care for you as you may see
And will as life moves forward
Even though I know he cannot be
It sounds in vain, but not absurd.

I speak this from my deepest heart
And I hope you see it is very true
Love is a life’s masterpiece of art
And I could never come to hate you.


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