In God We Trust

(January 1979)

The morning’s cold and gray.
Heavy and lonely with jus’ me.
Before the sun rises, a new day,
To hide a tear they mustn’t see.

A hug, a kiss, and a goodbye wave.
I hate leaving those that I love,
But it’s their world we must save,
To trade the Eagle for the Dove.

I am seventeen and one year old,
The first bird to leave the nest.
Now the road takes gripping hold
I tell myself, ‘Its for the best.’

This big bus keeps rolling on,
I wish it would stop working.
Feel fear, the dark, the dawn
Damn this old bus for moving.

Its off to a war of two nations,
To die in glory with other men,
Standing guard, hold my station.
Is not suicide a mortal sin?

Rest my soul, sweet Jesus
Forgive me, my mortal sin.
I die as my country pleases
And in God we trust, amen.


Published by

Tom Darby

Former radio personality and newspaper reporter

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