Magic in a Friendship

(November 1979)

Not sight, nor sound
Could ever equal the beauty
That my eyes and mind have found
In the slender of today.

We came from two different worlds
Yet together our hearts sang
And our lives became twirled
Like the symbol, Yin and Yang.

It does no good to pretend
That which you neither see nor hear
You do have a friend
To hold your hand in fear.

Live only day to day
And let all death rest
And your saddened past lay
This is your greatest test.

When your day is grey
Act not so sad
And blue all the day
Because it soon will pass.

Let the day go
It;s for fooling persons
Don’t you know
There’s no rhyme or reasons.

It’s great to have and to hold
But new things shall come
Like after the night that’s cold
The morning that whistles and hums.

I am alive and a part of the living
And so you are too
Only love and smiles worth giving
It’s the best that we can do.


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