A Thread to War

Could another shooting-war be coming to the mid-east? It appears to be a strong possibility.

Much of this is speculation on my part — but drawn from various news sources throughout the world. So take it for what it’s worth.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2011, Iranian protesters stormed the U.K. embassy compounds in Tehran. The assault prompted Italy, France  and Germany to recall their ambassadors from Iran.

Yet, after following several strings of information, terms like “false flag” has been put into play. This string includes The Washington Post reporting the attack had the blessing of Iran’s government — something Tehran disputes — which is not surprising.

A false flag operation is the setting up of an event to provide cover for another more  important event. In this case, it’s being proffered this event was so the Brits would have a “legitimate reason,” to withdraw its staff without tipping it’s hand to further action.

What is surprising  — is so far — no proof has been offered up by British government that Tehran had knowledge of or had a part in the planning of this raid. It’s either non-existent or MI-6 is completely blind in regard to the usual chatter that precedes such events.

This situation has been further exacerbated by the U.S. Senate, which plans to target the Iranian central bank in an effort to choke off oil exports. The Associated Press reports the senate bill gives the president the power to bar foreign financial institutions that do business with Iran’s central bank from having correspondent bank accounts in the U.S.

If enacted, it could be much harder for foreign companies to pay for oil imports from Iran, the world’s third-largest crude exporter. It could also be seen as an act of war in itself by Iran.

The Obama administration, which is against sanctions, says they threatens the U.N. Security Council’s work at pressuring Iran over its nuclear program, and could send oil prices upward.  And though the EU remains divided over calls to halt purchases of Iranian oil,180 Iranian officials and companies have been added to their sanctions list.

Also Russia opposes new sanctions against Iran, believing negotiations with Tehran can be resumed. Russia’s also critical of the November 8th report by the U.N. nuclear agency detailing Iran’s alleged secret weapons work.

But oil isn’t the only thing fueling the possibility of a shooting-war. An Iranian general claims Tehran will target a NATO antimissile early warning system in Turkey if the U.S. or Israel attacks the Islamic Republic.

Turkey agreed to the defense system in September, which is designed to countering threats from its neighbors. NATO insists the system doesn’t target a specific country, but Tehran claims it’s meant to protect Israel from Iranian missile attacks if a war breaks out.

None of this sounds like a path to peace to me — and I hope — no, I pray — I’m mistaken.


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