Those Shovel Ready Jobs

State health and human services director Mike Willden has announced the federal government is giving its approval of Nevada’s plan for using more than $6.1 million in stimulus funding for connecting the  hospital computer systems. Governor Brian Sandoval last week signed a law that gives his permission to start building the system.

This isn’t the great idea politicians would like us to believe it is. If it were, private enterprise and entrepreneurs would have been at it more than 10-years ago.

No, instead it’s a plan that needs the blessing of the federal government, the folks who’ve brought us the Transportation Safety Administration, as well as a governor who caved to the legislature on his tax promise. Neither should make a citizen feel safer or freer.

The computer network will eventually connect all hospitals so doctors can securely share a person’s medical records with the patient’s other doctors. Securely, huh? Tell that to Sony, Citibank and other companies who have been cyber-hacked in recent weeks.

State officials say Nevada will need more than 5,000 people trained to work with the computer system. If this figure is correct — and it has yet to be verified by a source outside either governmental body — that means state government grows which taxes increase and small business shrinks.


Published by

Tom Darby

Former radio personality and newspaper reporter

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