The Disgrace that is Nevada’s GOP Delegation

Nevada delegates for Ron Paul closed ranks with like-minded delegates from other states like Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. And on the last night of the Republican National Convention, those same delegates exchanged state flag pins with others as a sign of solidarity.

At any other time — this might seem unimportant — however not after seventeen of Nevada’s 27 Republican delegates voted in favor of Ron Paul with 5 abstaining and one casting their ballot for Mitt Romney.  Under binding caucus rules, most of Nevada’s delegates were to vote for Romney, who In February’s Nevada caucus won half of the state’s vote.

Former Nevada Governor Robert List says he’s never seen anything like the Paul supporters, who broke their pledges.

“You know other delegations have had their issues from time to time and there were others here this time that did,” List told KOH in Reno. “But this is the first time I’ve seen Nevada go off the rails like that.”

Sparks dentist, Paul supporter and chairman of the Nevada delegation Wayne Terhune said after being frustrated when the convention adopted new rules, he recorded the votes of each Nevada delegate, as they wanted, not as assigned. and that led to the delegations vote. Still others say the Paul delegates were simply waiting for something — anything — to use as an excuse to go off the beaten path.

“In the spirit of freedom that inspired the founding of our country,” Terhune said, “and in honor of the liberty that has made these states the greatest country on earth, we proudly cast 17 votes for Congressman Ron Paul.”

A former Carson City District Attorney and Nevada Attorney General, List called Terhune an “outlaw.” He also said he corrected the official Nevada delegate nomination vote as 20 for Romney and eight for Paul.

“Some of them are novices  and thought they could come here and do something unheard of, but Romney had this thing locked up two months ago,” List told the news-talk radio station. “This whole thing was just an exercise in futility on their part.”

Had Terhune correctly announced Nevada’s vote, the delegation could have put Romney over the top in the delegate count. Instead that honor now rests with New Jersey.


Published by

Tom Darby

Former radio personality and newspaper reporter

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