Connecting Monica and April to a Murderer

Back in 1988 I started studying criminal profiling as I looked to pursue a career as a true crime writer. One of the cases I delved into was that of seven-year-old Monica DaSilva, who disappeared from her bedroom in October 1990.

Initially, Reno police believed that the parents did something to her. Three weeks later, Monica skull, ribs and collarbone were found in Lagomarsino Canyon at the Lockwood Dump, east of Reno, in Storey County in October 1990.

I had other idea’s about who killed Monica.

According to my findings, she was kidnapped and murdered by a white male, about 30, who had been escalating into becoming a serial murderer for at least eight years prior to Monica. I also believed he lived in the Reno/Sparks area and had knowledge of the homes lay out, because he did not enter through the window as detectives suspected.

Instead, he moved through the house undetected — showing he had a strong sense of his skill-set. For RPD, this was one of the first times they’d ever dealt with anyone with a stalker, kidnapping, murdering pedophile.

There are other things about this murderer that I’ve come to believe over the years as well. He is moderately educated: a high school graduate — but with an above average IQ.

My findings showed that Monica’s murderer also worked at jobs that he believed he was above, but these same jobs place him in or near his victims or the victim’s homes. He is also comfortable with the dark and blends in well with his environment in both the day and the night.

Now a 61-year-old Missouri man, arrested in the killing of a girl in North Las Vegas decades ago is being looked at for the kidnapping and murder of Monica. Jasper Everett Goddard, a registered sex offender was arrested on a felony warrant from the state of Nevada in the 1986 death of April Marie Rhodes.

The police report says in 1986, Goddard lived in a Statz Street apartment two doors away from where April lived. The little girl went to a drive-in movie with her mother, Katherine, and 11-year-old brother, Thomas, on November 23, 1986.

They came home from the movie and the children went to bed. Police later found April is an isolated storage room in the same complex, where she had been raped and beaten to death.

Goddard is linked to April’s death through DNA evidence left at the scene.

At the time of their abductions, both April and Monica were seven years old. They were both sleeping near windows in rooms with their brothers, who were left unharmed.

Goddard was also convicted on charges of sodomy and sexual abuse of an 8-year-old girl in 1989 in Springfield, Missouri.


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