Vegas Woman Stalked by Serial Killer

To Sarah Pisan, excited about her new job as a gas station manager in Las Vegas, Nevada, Robert Generoso had the car, the look, the money.  She jus’ didn’t want to date him.

But Generoso persisted.

In 1980, the 19-year-old Sarah had three children and was busy with her new job.

“He started coming in on a daily basis,” Sarah says, “and then one day he asked me out. He didn’t want to take no for an answer.”

“I finally looked at him, and said, call me sometime. And he said okay, and he took off and he left,” Sarah says, “and probably 10 minutes later — the phone went off in my booth.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this day for a very long time,” she heard.

The call freaked her out so badly, that she decided to skip the date.

Shortly after, Las Vegas Metro police called her mom in Bullhead City, south of Vegas. They told her Sarah’s friend and coworker, Cheryl Ann Daniels had been killed and her body dumped in Hell Hole Canyon.

“She said I just got off the phone call with metro police,” Sarah recalls, “and they’ve linked you to a homicide.”

The killer had left behind his wallet and in that wallet were Sarah’s name and address. She almost went on a date with the killer and when she didn’t he tried to kill her at her work.

Her life was changed forever.

Generoso, whose real name was Stephen Peter Morin had been killing for over ten years and was a master of disguise; he had changed his name and appearance many times.

The police made Sarah leave her job and the area in order to save her life, convinced she would be dead within the week otherwise. So she moved to Texas.

“He found me, and I knew at that point that it really didn’t matter where I went,” Sarah says.  “The only places I had a choice to go to he already knew.”

Though never convicted for Cheryl’s murder, Morin was executed by lethal injection March 13th, 1985, for the 1981 murder of Carrie Scott. Morin was later convicted of the killings of Janna Bruce in Corpus Christi and Shelia Whalen in Golden Colorado.

In the early morning hours of December 11th, 1981 in San Antonio, Morin shot and killed 21-year old Carrie in front of her place of employment. She interrupted Morin in the process of stealing her car.

Later that day, Morin abducted Margaret Palm from a local shopping center. Morin and Margaret drove to Kerrville where Morin ended up boarding a bus to Austin.

Margaret survived the ordeal.

He was busted in Austin ending a four-year FBI manhunt.  At the time of his arrest Morin was a suspect in 37 violent crimes from coast to coast.

As for the former Las Vegas resident, Sarah lives along the coast of Southern Oregon. She also penned the book, ‘Sarah’s Story: Target of a Serial Killer,’ in 2013.


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