During his recent ‘State of the City,’ speech, Sparks Mayor Geno Martini claimed the economic picture for the city has stabilized and some revenues will increase over the next couple of years. However, Martini also said he expects to make cuts upwards of $1.9 million, but doesn’t expect any layoffs.

I responded to an online posting about his speech saying, “Yeah, since 09/11/2001…”

And as is the norm and the hazard of making such political statements, some fella named Skip took issue with my comment, “Of course Tom Darby…since it’s even harder to blame Bush for the Democrat caused recession that began after they got complete power in 2006 and did nothing to help prevent or ease it to get their candidate elected in 2008,” writes Skip. “Now we have a do nothing Senate that refuses to allow anything that will actually fix the problem. You are such a tool.”

My response: “Thank you for the insult, Skip. It’s disappointing that ‘tool’ was all you could come up with though. In 2005, I worked as a reporter in Sparks and was told that the city’s poor economy was due in part to the attack on the WTC in 2001.”

“To wit: “Assistant city manager Steve Driscoll said the shortfall would be $300,000.”

“Driscoll said dropping assessed values for casinos, businesses and other Victorian Square properties are partly to blame for the shortfall. He also continues to point to the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the nation, saying that the event created a significant decrease in revenue.”

Somehow, I knew I wouldn’t get a follow up response.


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Tom Darby

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