‘Bruce Wayne’ Caught Counting Cards in Las Vegas

Ben Affleck Batman

One of Las Vegas’ biggest casinos says movie star Ben Affleck was card counting. Affleck was asked to stop playing at the Hard Rock Casino on April 28th, “due to moving his money with the count,” according to an alert from a local security firm.

The alert goes on to read Affleck “uses perfect basic,” a common term for introductory card counting, “…but also takes insurance according to the count. Uses $100 chips to keep track…while playing.”

Another alert issued the following day claims that Affleck was “currently suspected of advantage play,” according to the document.

“He has been observed playing blackjack at multiple Las Vegas Strip properties, and is suspected of moving his wagers with the count,” the report notes. “He was reportedly backed off at one off-Strip casino,” referring to the Hard Rock incident.

An April 22nd internal email from Games Protection Manager Rob Olivetti at the Wynn and Encore casinos warned that “Ben Affleck…was informed that he was being way too obvious moving his money with the count. He was spreading $100 -10K on the double decks and $0-20K on the shoe games. As of now, he is still being allowed to play per casino management.”

According to the New York Daily News, “Card counting isn’t illegal, but is frowned upon by every casino. The betting tactic involves adding card values to decide when, and when not, to place big wagers.”

In the old day’s anyone caught counting cards in Vegas or Reno would have been escorted to the casino basement, leaving only after their fingers were broken and kneecaps fractured. Instead, the casino hailed Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Gardner a cab and sent them on their way back to their hotel.

Sources say the pair was in town for a quick getaway before the he begins shooting “Batman vs. Superman.” Affleck has been cast as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film.

Contrary to some reports, the Hard Rock Casino says Affleck, “is not banned from our property and is welcome back any time.”


Published by

Tom Darby

Former radio personality and newspaper reporter

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