Redskins Use Twitter to Beat Back Harry Reid

Oh, oh — the Washington Redskins have launched a Twitter attack on Senator Harry Reid in their effort to keep the team’s name. The Redskins instructed fans to tweet Reid to show their “RedskinsPride” and “tell him what the team means to you.”

Reid said last month that Redskins owner Dan Snyder should “do what is morally right” and change the name. Snyder has vowed never to change the name.

The Associated Press is doing its level best to make it sound like the campaign is back-firing, saying: “Many told Reid they support his efforts to change the name.

After looking through, there are a number of comments like: “I DO NOT have an issue with the logo” and “I wonder how much money the Oneida gave old Harry Reid?!”

Last week, half of the Senate, lead by Reid, wrote letters to the National Football League urging a change, calling the name is a racist slur. The team’s name of ‘Redskins’ is in honor of one of the team’s first coaches, Lone Star Dietz.

The odd thing is — neither of the Koch Brothers own any part of the team.


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