NYC Mayor Implicated in Death of Staten Island Groundhog

“New York’s Staten Island Zoo attempted to cover up news that the groundhog accidentally dropped by Mayor Bill de Blasio during the 2014 Groundhog Day celebration died from internal injuries a week after the fall,” reports The New York Post.

News like this is so hard to take, not because of the death of a rodent, but because it is so ridiculous. But it does remind me of a joke I heard when I was kid:

A Redhead, a Brunette and a Blonde find themselves standing in front of the Pearly Gates with St. Peter. He tells them that before they can enter Heaven, they must tell him what Easter is about.

The Redhead says, “Easter is so we can have fun searching for eggs and eating candy.”

“Not even close,” says Peter.

The Brunette tells Peter, “It’s about the birth of Jesus.”

“Not quite,” he tells her.

Then the Blonde says, “It’s about Jesus’ crucifixion, the forgiveness of sins and how he was buried in a tomb with a huge stone in front of it.”

“That’s good,” says St. Peter.

“Now, the Jews roll the stone away each year and Jesus comes out,” she continued,  “if he sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of basketball.”


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