The Brilliance of Thomas Duncan

The guy who came to the U.S. with Ebola did it on purpose. After all, where is the best place in the world to get treatment for the disease?

Yeah, the U.S. — and all Thomas Duncan had to do was get here.

He helped a woman by transporting her to a hospital in Liberia, and when she couldn’t be admitted, he helped her get back home. She died later that night.

Once he learned this, he quit his job with ‘Big Brown,’ without notice and headed to the airport after packing up a few items of clothing. Once at the airport he ‘failed’ to honestly answer questions on a form about Ebola.

And because our government refuses to halt flights from West African countries, more people will figure this out and soon we will have a bunch of Ebola-carrying people in the U.S. Hopefully, our European neighbors will stop accepting flights, thus helping to shield the U.S. from a possible pandemic.

Things would suddenly change if a flight from Liberia landed in Washington D.C. with an Ebola-laden person aboard. After all you can still buy a $1,386 direct-flight ticket from Monrovia, Liberia, to our nation’s capitol — or pay as little as $554 if you don’t mind landing in New York City.

I know — I’m such a cynic anymore.

UPDATED 10/04/2014: A person with Ebola symptoms, who traveled to the U.S. from Nigeria, has been hospitalized at Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C.


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