The New Greatest Threat

During the early 80s Rush Limbaugh wrote his list, “The 35 Universal Truth of Life.” The first of these are “The greatest threat to humanity lies in the nuclear arsenal of the USSR.”

Back when he first put his list together ‘social media platforms’ like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the myriad of blogs did not exist. In the early 80s, believe it or not, we still wrote letters on paper using pen and ink, mailing them at the post office, homes had ‘land-line’ telephones and only two or more TV’s per household.

These have been replaced by personal computing, email, instant messaging, blogging, cell phones, tablets and mobile apps. Likewise, the USSR no longer exists in the form we knew during the ‘Cold War’ years.

If I had my way I’d update that very first UTOL so it would read: “The greatest threat to humanity is political correctness as propagated by the social media.”


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