Arguing Semantics

In an appearance on MSNBC, Florida Congressman Dennis Ross said banning flights from West Africa to the U.S. makes sense and said he plans to introduce a bill doing so once the House reconvenes in November. However a self-righteous journalist has to score points by being exact, arguing semantics.

“There are no direct flights that come to the United States from West Africa,” rebutted New York Times reporter Jeremy W. Peters on the same program.

Meanwhile, sick people from West Africa are still making their way to this country. Peters behavior reminds me of the old joke where two hunters stood around arguing about what sort of tracks they had found, meanwhile a speeding train comes along and kills them both.

But go ahead — ignore the ABC News report the says health officials in Senegal credit border controls in aiding that country in declaring itself Ebola free.  Senegal implemented border controls in August.

We could learn something from this — but our leaders are too pretentious to listen.


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