Welcome to Your 2014 Mid-term Election

A Democrat friend of mine asked in an email: “What are you going to complain about if the GOP takes both the Senate and House?”

I don’t think she expected the answer I gave her.

“Plenty, since most Republicans in Washington DC are no better or worse than Democrats in Washington DC,” I responded. “The same crap will continue.”.

“After all,” I continued, “I’ve not heard nor seen anyone in either party propose a real plan to eliminate Obamacare, reign in the IRS, or halt the NSA’s data gathering programs, to name a few.”

Once I sent her my reply, I looked up the word ‘complain.’ This is the definition: “To express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.”

Well, I’ll be damned!


Published by

Tom Darby

Former radio personality and newspaper reporter

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