The Media’s Race Bias Reporting

An off-duty Akron, Ohio White police officer was fatally shot while confronting an armed Black man November 16th.

Justin Winebrenner and several friends were at a pub when a man became disorderly and kicked out of the pub. The man returned a short time later and brandished a handgun.

A staff member, who was aware Winebrenner was a police officer, alerted him to the situation.  Winebrenner and another off-duty officer confronted the man, who then opened fire.

One shot struck Winebrenner in the chest, killing him. The alleged gunman, Kenan Ivery, pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated murder and five counts of felonious assault.

Winebrenner served with the department for seven years and the Medina County Juvenile Detention Center for two years. He’s survived by a four-year-old daughter and fiancée.

And where is Winebrenner’s 15 minutes in the media-spotlight? Nowhere, as the story doesn’t fit the media’s ‘White cop kills Black kid’ template.


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