Turn the Scenario Around: Black Cop Kills White Kid

Every story of any unarmed citizen gunned down by police officers deserves public scrutiny. But that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to the increasing national media bias and their template of ‘White cop kills Black kids.’

So what if that got turned around – ‘Black cop kills White kid?’

A naked and unarmed Gil Collar was shot and killed by a University of South Alabama campus police officer in October 2012. At the time of the shooting, Collar was using LSD and exhibiting erratic behavior around the police station on campus.

A two-minute video of Collar, from a security camera mounted on the campus police station at the university, recorded almost the entire incident including the shooting. Officers said that Collar was acting “aggressively” in the video, pounding on the window, walking away, then returning.

That’s when Officer Trevis Austin came outside with his gun drawn and aimed at Collar, shooting him once in the chest. The circumstances mirror those of the August 9th shooting death of Michael Brown, a Black unarmed man under the influence of drugs by Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, in Ferguson.

Jus’ like in Ferguson, Missouri, an Alabama grand jury refused to bring charges against Austin, in spite of the heavy pressure from the public. But unlike Ferguson, the media wasn’t around to fan riotors flames.

Collar’s parents filed a civil lawsuit against Austin, with a trial date set for February 2nd, 2015. But don’t worry, whatever the verdict, the national media is sure to ignore the outcome.


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