The GOP to Screw the Voters

The Republican Party won a large victory on the promise that they’d fight President Obama’s executive overreach – but it seems those promises were nothing more than a ruse to gain votes and power. And jus’ so you know what the hell I’m talking about when I write that the GOP and the Democratic Party are one in the same:

During a House Rules Committee hearing on legislation to curb some of the overreach in President Obama’s executive action on immigration, Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) said he was working with House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) to push a bill to make sure that not one illegal is removed from the United States “unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime.” Sessions also said he personally would use all his “assets and resources” in 2015 to work out a deal whereby illegal immigrants can “be in this country and work, and where not one person is quote ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported.’”

With acts of betrayal like this – it shouldn’t be a surprise when the GOP fails to repeal Obamacare as they claimed they would.


About Tom Darby

French-born, American-raised, U.S. citizen, husband, father, friend, veteran, and writer.
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