Nevadans Should Expect an Increase in Taxes

During a meeting between State Budget Director Julia Teska and the Interim Finance Committee, it’s been learned that even with the state’s entire “rainy day” fund, Nevada will see a budget shortfall of more than $61 million. Following the meeting, Governor Brian Sandoval issued a statement:

“The shortfall is caused by actual revenue numbers not meeting the projected forecasts of the Economic Forum, specifically gaming and net proceeds revenues, as well as a significant increase in the student population in the Clark County School District.”

He then went on to blow more Progressive smoke up the butts of Nevadans:

“Our economy continues to show steady signs of solid improvement, unemployment is at its lowest point since the recession and we are seeing quality, sustainable job creation across the state.”

Any Nevadan who lives in the real world will tell you that there is no ‘solid improvement,’ and that the reason the ‘unemployment is at its lowest,’ is because people have given up looking for work. Furthermore, there is no job creation – especially when you have the government deciding what businesses can and cannot operate within the state.

While he didn’t say exactly what new revenue sources he is considering, it time to get the shovels out as Sandoval plans unveil his budget proposal in the State of the State address set for January 15, 2015. That mean more Progressive bullshit is on the way.


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