Obama’s Battle Plan: Fight Fire by Adding Gas

As President Obama is busy telling Europe that it needs to do a better job of assimilating foreign Muslims, he’s releasing terrorists willy-nilly.  Recently, he freed five jihadists, all from Yemen, from Guantanamo and sent to Estonia and Oman for resettlement.

All five were captured in Pakistan and detained as al-Qaida fighters. Each were cleared for release since at least 2009 but congress has balked at repatriating them back to Yemen, where that government is supposedly battling an al-Qaida insurgency.

There are now 122 prisoners at Gitmo, including 54 who have been approved for transfer. Of those cleared, 47 are Yemeni and will have to be resettled in other countries, given the security situation in their homeland.

So what is Obama’s end-game?

Let’s put it this way — Al Qaeda in Yemen has taken responsibility for the planning, financing and carrying out the attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo and it claims responsibility for a recent bomb that killed 30 in a crowded Nigerian market place. Meanwhile, the Whitehouse refuses to admit the attacks were committed by ‘radical Islamists.’

You’re intelligent enough to figure out the rest.


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