Negotiating American Hostages to Death

The mother of James Foley — the first American hostage beheaded by ISIS — says the alleged death of Kayla Mueller is proof the Obama administration is doing nothing to rescue U.S. hostages from ISIS/ISIL. Diane Foley, whose son was killed last August, says ‘nothing was done’ to save those in captivity.

“We were always told to trust that Jim was the highest priority and that our government was doing all it could and I really found no evidence of that,” Foley told ABC News. “Instead we were kind of told just to trust and that did not work out well. I shouldn’t have trusted. We regret not having done more privately ourselves.”

In an August 29, 2014 post titled, “The Raid that Never Happened,” I pointed out:

“Oddly enough, the Syrian government has remained quiet about the deadly raid. However, the second the Obama administration announced plans to over-fly Syria to look for ISIS/ISIL activities, the Syrian foreign minister threw a fit saying such actions would be considered an act of aggression.

It doesn’t make sense. That’s because it’s all smoke and mirrors meant to deflect any criticism Obama incurred from callously returning to the links instead of the White House.”

Now, add to this what intelligence and counterterrorism senior staff writer Sean D. Naylor reports in the online magazine, “Foreign Policy.”

“The parents of an American woman being held hostage by the Islamic State did not want the U.S. military to launch a risky mission to rescue her,” Naylor writes, “and instead asked that her release be negotiated, according to a military official familiar with the discussions.”

Mueller was taken hostage August 4, 2013 and had been held alongside other prisoners — some of who’ve been beheaded. Her identity was not widely known until ISIS/ISIL said she died.

The White House has since confirmed Mueller’s death, though it remains unclear when or how she was killed.

Meanwhile, Jordanian officials say no air raids occurred over Raqqa, Jordan, where she was being held, at the time ISIS/ISIL claims Mueller died. They dismissed the statement as “criminal propaganda,” while U.S. officials say they haven’t not seen any evidence to corroborate the report.

ISIS/ISIL threatened to kill Mueller last summer. They set a deadline of August 13, for a ransom of nearly $7 million to be paid to prevent her execution.

This is what happens when an entire administration disregards the long-standing precedents of “not negotiating with terrorists” and “leaving no one behind.”


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