Reframing a Reframed Debate

The headline on the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Facebook page reads, “Fiore takes heat over ‘hot little girls’ gun comment.”

It’s by Sandra Chereb, who writes: “The Nevada Assembly minority leader called on a GOP assemblywoman to apologize for comments she made in The New York times about rape, concealed weapons and women on college campuses.”

Here’s her comment in full: “If these young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to assault them,” (Michele) Fiore was reported as saying. “The sexual assaults that are occurring would go down once these sexual predators get a bullet in their head.”

“That’s how Progressives operate,” I responded to the post, “when they can’t debate the facts — they change the subject of the debate.”

Some one calling himself ‘Max Saiger’ replied, “Implying only one side does that.”

Saiger’s comment is actually a question, though he forgot the question mark. I took his question to mean I was attacking ‘Liberals,’ or perhaps, ‘Democrats, so I answered, “I didn’t say Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Democrat or Republican. Sorry if you’re feelings are hurt.”

This prompted a ‘John Bachmann’ to ask a couple of snarky questions, “Tom are you a split personality? Read your post and then read your reply. Feeling the disconnect yet? Wow!”

My response: “Obviously Bachmann, you are intent on changing the subject, which is allowing guns on campus, but Progressives like you try to dismantle it by focusing (changing the subject to) on her comment ‘hot little girls.’ Afraid you are the one disconnected.”

The debate before the state legislature is over whether to allow students, faculty and visitors to carry a concealed gun on Nevada Campuses of Higher Education. It’s not about “hot little girls,” as Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick, of North Las Vegas, would like to reframe the debate.

Hopefully, Fiore won’t be cowed into stepping back from her comments. As for this particular news item on Facebook I’ve turned off the ‘notification app’ as I don’t want to waste my time debating people who insist on changing the subject every time they’re beaten by the facts.


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