Showing Our Hand

In: Handing our enemy our battle plans. Out: The inability to call our enemy by name.

Imagine if Franklin Roosevelt had let the Nazi’s know Allied forces were going to invade Fortress Europe in early June 1944 by landing a Normandy. It’s doubtful that the Allies would have won the war.

The Obama Administration is telegraphing plans to retake Mosul, Iraq from ISIS/ISIL before Ramadan begins on June 17. Five Iraqi Army brigades composing a total force of up to 25,000 Iraqi troops will be used.

To which ISIS’ISIL is saying, ‘Gee guys, thanks for the warning. We’ll be ready for you.’

It’s also been revealed that Qatar will host training sites for coalition forces to train moderate Syrian rebels. Other planned sites are in Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Included in the force would be a brigade of Iraqi counterterrorism forces who have been trained by U.S. special operations forces. The brigades include roughly 2,000 troops each.

The U.S. will provide military support for the operation, including training, air support, intelligence and surveillance. There has been no decision made yet on whether to send in some U.S. ground troops to help call in airstrikes.

Oh, and it comes with this warning: The attack will be postponed if it looks as though the Iraqis aren’t up to the task.

Has the Obama Administration even tried to get ISIS/ISIL to leave Mosul jus’ by asking?


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