The Black History No One Talks About

February is Black History Month. Topics include Reverend Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Jim Crow laws, civil rights demonstrations, segregation and slavery.

In declaring February 2015, “National African American History Month,” President Obama said, “Brave Americans did not struggle and sacrifice to secure fundamental rights for themselves and others only to see those rights denied to their children and grandchildren. Our Nation is still racked with division and poverty. Too many children live in crumbling neighborhoods, cycling through substandard schools and being affected by daily violence in their communities.”

His words sound great until you realize there is Black history being made in America now, and it isn’t being talked about.

The latest Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s Abortion Surveillance report says that roughly 548 Black babies are aborted every day in the U.S. All totaled, its estimated that since 1990, about 4.4-million Black babies have been aborted.

To put this in perspective, the most recent CDC numbers show there are 44 murders daily across the country. This means there are over 12-percent more Black babies aborted every day then there are homicides in the entire nation.

The Census Bureau says Blacks make up about 13-percent of the U.S. population. However, on average, the number of Black abortions is over 33-percent of the total number of abortions in the U.S. when seen against the CDC’s data.

With the CDC data, not every state’s required to report, so the number of abortions published by the agency is actually lower than the real number of abortions that occurred each year. That incomplete reporting can be found in every Abortion Surveillance report.

In the end, for February 2015’s Black History Month, over 15,000 Black babies will be aborted. This is self-inflicted genocide.


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