Obama Does Claim ISIL is Islamic

Okay, I stand corrected.

By his own description President Obama repeatedly identifies the terrorist group threatening the Middle East as Islamic. In fact, Obama makes a point of using a very specific term for these ‘radical Islamists’ — ISIL.

“…We are here at this summit because of the urgent threat from groups like al Qaeda and ISIL….Al Qaeda and ISIL and groups like it are desperate for legitimacy,” President Obama stated during his recent White House workshop-and-seminar on “Violent Extremism.”

ISIL is an acronym for the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,’ whose stated purpose is to create an Islamic government (in this case Shia Islam) led an Imam or leader chosen by God from Muhammad’s direct descendants.  The term ‘Levant’ refers to an area in Southwest Asia bordered by the Taurus Mountains of Anatolia in the North, the Mediterranean Sea to the west, and the north Arabian Desert and Mesopotamia in the east.

Though claiming he wouldn’t give terrorists “legitimacy” by associating them with Islam, Obama’s done that very thing, over and over again. This makes Obama the ‘denier,’ a label Progressives have given those who disagree with the administration and others when it comes to issues like climate change or racism in the U.S.


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