Je Suis S-N-L, No?

“It ain’t no fun once the rabbit has got the gun,” writes M.G. Hardie in his book, “Everyday Life.”

A Saturday Night Live parody about a father who drops off his daughter to join ISIS stirred outrage.  The recorded segment was a parody of the recent ‘My Bold Dad’ commercial for Toyota, where a dad gets tearful when he drops his daughter off to for military duty.

While its presumed she’s going off to serve her country, a pickup truck pulls up with bearded men carrying black flags similar to those of ISIS, which reportedly read, “We only want brains,” and “I love cats.”

“Looks like your ride’s here — you be careful, okay?” states the father.

“Dad, it’s just ISIS,” the daughter says as she trots off to the armed men filled truck.

Then one of the members says: “Death to America,” as the father asks them to take care of his little girl. The faux-commercial ends with the words “ISIS, we’ll take it from here, Dad” on screen.

The skit came as three major international stories were breaking; three British schoolgirls travelling to the Middle East to join ISIS, three men from the U.S. arrested on charges of plotting to travel to Syria to join ISIS and the unmasking of ‘Jihadi John.’

It may have offended viewers — but unlike the staff of the French magazine, “Charlie Hebdo,” no one died as a result of a poorly timed skit. Besides, it’s S-N-L, pushing the envelope of Progressive ideals for over 40-years.


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