Want to Foster a Child? Give Up Your Gun!

The silence from Progressives is deafening as a Nevada couple’s been told they can’t adopt a 12-year-old child because they have legal concealed-carry permits. Brian and Valerie Wilson asked the Assembly Judiciary Committee to approve a bill that would allow them to carry loaded weapons and serve as foster parents.

In testimony to the committee in support of Assembly Bill 167, the couple said their attempts to get a variance from a state regulation prohibiting the carrying of loaded weapons with foster children was denied. Current rules require guns and ammunition to be stored separately in secure containers in homes with foster children.

According to news reports, State Senator Kelvin Atkinson who also has a conceal-carry permit, and his life partner Sherwood Howard, are looking at becoming foster parents. Conceal Carry holders have to pass background checks and take courses to get licensed, they have already been scrutinized and shown they are responsible people.

The bill would allow Nevadans with concealed-weapons permits, to carry loaded weapons on their person in a home or car and still be eligible to be foster parents. If not carried on their person, the weapons would be required to be kept in a secure safe, but they could stay loaded.

Deputy administrator of the state Division of Child and Family Services Jill Marano said a computer search turned up 16 incidents over the past four months in which children were involved in the accidental discharge of a loaded weapon. Michael Knight, assistant director of Clark County Family Services, also spoke in opposition, citing the facts presented by Marano.

The committee took no action on the bill. And so far, there’s been no sign from same-sex adoption activists, though they insist “all children deserve a loving home,” that they’re rushing to the aid of the Wilsons.


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