‘Black Lives Matter’ Shows Its True Colors

Boston Police Officer John Moynihan, who was honored by President Obama in May 2014, pulled over a group of suspected gang members. He didn’t have his service weapon drawn, but Angelo West shot him in the face anyway.

West, in return was shot and killed by six other officers.

But of course, some people are fomenting trouble because West was a Black man. And apparently, the fact that he shot an officer in the face without provocation, doesn’t matter.

In fact, using #BlackLivesMatter, some people believe the other officers should have considered West’s skin color before retaliating.  Still others complained about how long West’s body lay in the street after the shooting.

Shortly following the shootings, the Boston chapter of Black Lives Matter held a “People of Color ONLY” meeting about West’s death. One activist, Joao DePina said he left the meeting after being confronted for pointing out how the discussion focused too much on the shooting and not on how to improve police and community relations.

Daunasia Yancey of Black Lives Matter Boston dismissed DePina’s complaint, claiming he was only in the meeting briefly. She added that the group has not yet formed a position on the shooting, but that one will be released in the days to come, along with any protest plans.

It doesn’t matter to them that West is a career criminal who tried to kill police officers during a 2001 shootout. He only survived the incident because officers refused to shoot the armed man as he tried to goad officers into doing so.

On the other hand, community leaders, including Black ministers and politicians praised Boston police for sharing the video of the shooting with them — the footage they say exonerates officers. Meanwhile they called for such cooperation to become routine in police-involved shootings.

Moynihan is recovering from what doctors consider to be a “successful” surgery to remove a bullet from his neck. He’s now in stable condition and expected to fully recover.

The 34-year-old former U.S. Army Ranger and Iraq war vet was honored by the White House as one of ‘America’s Top Cops’ for his role in saving the life of a transit officer during a gunfight with the Boston Marathon bombers in April 2013. He received the departments Medal of Honor for his actions.

It takes a very special person like Officer John Moynihan to be willing to risk so much for people who care so little.


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