The Shocking Truth about Slager’s Taser

As someone consciously weary of the national media, I’m always looking for ways to poke holes in their narrative about so-called ‘hot-button’ issues. And what I’m about to point out is going to piss a lot of people off.

North Charleston, South Carolina Police Officer Michael Slager did lose control of his taser in a struggle with Walter Scott, and this led to Slager shooting Scott. The story of the shooting is full of intentionally missing elements meant to sell this narrative: ‘A White bigoted cop murders innocent, unarmed Black man.’

This is by no means a defense for Slager’s actions, which includes his picking an item up (possibly the taser assembly) and dropping it next to Scott’s body. Rather, I’m attempting to do what the national media hasn’t the guts to try – make an honest examination of all the available information.

Over and over I’ve studied that first ‘shocking’ video. The first time I saw it I could tell there was at least one wire that appeared attached to Slager as he raised his service weapon, aiming at Scott.

It took enlarging it to see that one of the wires is attached to the officer’s upper torso while the second is stuck to his left leg. Furthermore, the wires are still attached to the cartridge, which is on the ground and being dragged behind Scott as he runs away.

This is important to note as the wires have barbs that hold them in place when fired into a subject, in this case Slager. The cartridge on the other hand is usually connected to the taser assembly and in this case, became detached.

Scott had the assembly, which includes the trigger and body of the taser in his hand at one point and this could have been mistaken by Slager as a handgun, who may not have known Scott had tossed the assembly behind the officer. But we don’t know this, as Slager’s statement hasn’t been release, despite it being a public record.

It also appears as if the passenger from Scott’s car and the neighbor who allegedly sold the car to Scott are being kept from the public. And strangely, their statements are missing too.

Furthermore, Scott fled after giving up his driver’s license, thereby easily identifying him. At issue for me, what was so risky to him that he would run?

The Associated Press reported: “Court records show that Walter L. Scott was almost $7,500 behind in child support at the time he was shot and killed by a police officer, but no bench warrant had been issued for him.”

And while it may seem petty, a co-worker of Scott’s said he had purchased the vehicle a week before his death and even put new tires on the vehicle. So in essence, Scott didn’t jus’ buy the car as he told Slager.

Finally, there are the differing statements from Gwen Nichols who said of Slager and Scott, “It wasn’t on the ground rolling. It was like a tussle like…” when Feidin Santana, who filmed the incident with his cell phone, stated the two men were in a “struggle on the ground.” This is a major discrepancy that needs further explanation.

Also bothersome is the fact that Slager was ‘thrown under the bus,’ by both North Charleston’s Mayor Keith Summey and Police Chief Eddie Driggers on the day of the shooting, claiming Slager had “made a bad decision,” then firing him. Couple this to the fact that the self-righteous ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton has injected himself into the situation, proving the city is on track for a heavy dose of politically motivated race-baiting.

We’re looking at another ‘Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman’ case where a man’s life is about to be tried in the court of public opinion through the national media and its subjective narrative. That’s because the Scott family has hired Ryan Julison, the man who invented the phrases “Skittles and Iced Tea,” and “White-Hispanic.”


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