Harry Reid Calls the Kettle Black

When asked Senator who he believes will be the likely 2016 GOP nominee, Senator Harry Reid didn’t say whether he meant the GOP’s candidates were unable to win, or if he meant his insult as a schoolyard diss.

“I don’t really care,” Reid said in an interview with CNBC. “I think they’re all losers.”

Reid said he would be comfortable with Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, and dismissed the notion the former secretary of state needs a strong candidate to run against her in the Democratic primary. He also really doesn’t want her to have any competition.

“I am not a big fan of primaries,” Reid said. “I don’t think they help, especially when you’re someone as noted as Hillary.”

He said he likes Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, adding that he spoke with Bill Clinton the other day and loves his sincerity.

“I talked to her husband yesterday…I love the way he ends his conversations with me and they’re so sincere,” he said. “’Harry, I love you.’ That’s what he says every time.”

Pressed on whether he would have Vice President Joe Biden sit out the race, Reid would only say that Biden would make that decision.

“I love Joe Biden,” he said. “I could never say a bad word about him. He’s a wonderful human being. He’s been around a long time, he can make that decision on his own, without my advice.”

The 75-year-old Reid said he isn’t sure what he’s going to do after he steps down from the Senate.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. “I’m not going to lobby. I’m not going to practice law. But I’ll keep busy. I may want one of your jobs — to be an analyst on TV — and say all these good things that you always say about me.

Reid predicted that Democrats would hold onto his seat in 2016, because of Democratic-leaning constituents such as Latinos. He also called his party’s chance of regaining control of the Senate overall “far better than 50-50.”

Reid acknowledged that not everyone likes him: “I think a lot of people, as I read it, kind of don’t like me as a person. I think that’s unfortunate.”

You ‘think,’ Harry?


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