Hillary Clinton to Visit Las Vegas

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is coming to Las Vegas on Cinco de Mayo for the first, of what her handlers are calling, “many conversations with Nevadans.” Beginning around 2:45 that afternoon, she’ll join a roundtable of young people at Rancho High School, who claim they’re personally affected by our ‘broken’ immigration system.

Immigration is apparently a ‘divisive issue’ in Nevada, since about 30 percent of the population is Latino. Advocates for immigration reform want legal status given to an estimated 11 million ‘extranjeros ilegales’ living in the U.S.

President Obama has already taken executive action to protect illegal’s from deportation. Initially his action protected only youngsters raised here after their parents or relatives broke the law by illegally entering the U.S., later expanding the protection order to all illegal’s who already have family here.

A judge in Texas has put the order on hold after that state filed a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Nevada joined a majority of other states in a lawsuit challenging Obama’s unconstitutional actions on immigration, much to the consternation of the state’s first ‘Hispanic governor,’ Brian Sandoval.

And jus’ like her trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, she’ll continue talking about the “four fights” that supposedly define her campaign, with an emphasis this time on the second fight: strengthening families and community.

There is no word yet on a possible trip to northern Nevada – but then many of us don’t care if she ever visits this part of the state.


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