‘Fast-tracking’ the Constitution’s Death

There is a new form of government in the U.S.’s future. The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) or ‘fast-track’ legislation not only eliminates Congress’ constitutional powers, it places the U.S directly inline with the United Nations’ Agenda 21 planning.

Under TPA, Congress will hand its authority to the executive branch giving up the power to write, debate, amend, and vote on any trade legislation. Through TPA, Congress will also be pre-clearing a political and economic union.

TPA was created by the Nixon administration in 1974 as a temporary transfer of authority from the Congress to the President.  It officially ended in 2011, at which time President Obama began pushing renewal despite his ‘opposition’ to it as a candidate.

Progressives in both parties want the TPA so they can ‘fast-track’ the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which includes 12 Pacific Rim countries. Under TPP, a new transnational governmental structure called the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission,’ will be formed and chartered using a ‘Living Agreement’ clause, already in place in TPP.

This clause gives the Commission the authority to amend TPP after its adoption, add new members, and issue regulations on labor, immigration, environmental, and commercial policy. In short, it will remove all constitutional protections against the creation of a global government.

There is also no expiration date to TPA. If Congress doesn’t refuse to reauthorize it at the end of 2018, it will automatically be renewed for another three years and so long as the President requests the extension.

If a trade bill’s is to Congress that the Commission believes violates TPA recommendations — or any U.S. laws — lawmakers wanting to amend it or remove it from the ‘fast-track’ will find doing so next to impossible. That’s because the bill falls under the control of the Committee.

Currently, the President’s required to send a report to Congress on the terms of a trade agreement at least 60 days before submitting legislation. Under TPA the President can also classify or otherwise redact information from this report and update the agreement without the consent of Congress.

The Administration can also act on its own to negotiate foreign worker increases with foreign trading partners without ever sharing them with Congress. Language already exists in TPA and TPP to provide for admitting more foreign workers, for longer periods of time, and language could later be added to TPP to further increase such admissions.

And if you don’t think Obama will take advantage of TPA and TPP, you’re fooling yourself. It’s exactly what he needs when it comes too completely and “fundamentally transforming America,” into something it wasn’t ever meant to be.


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