Addressing Reno’s U.S. Flag Problem

After writing a fairly scathing commentary on the fact that the City of Reno had a the Gay Pride flag flying over city hall instead of the American Flag, I reached out to Mayor Hillary Schieve with the hope of finding some answers about why this would have happened in the first place. What following is our brief Facebook ‘conversation:’

Dear Ms. Schieve:
If you didn’t authorize the American flag’s removal and replacement of the Gay Pride flag, and if the city council had nothing to do with it, who did and are they going to be disciplined?
Tom Darby

Hi Tom.
The buck stops with me and I am taking full responsibility since I represent the city. All too often politicians do not apologize and point fingers. I can assure you this will never happen again and sincerely feel horrible about any disrespect. This should have never happened and it is truly offensive.
Again I apologize and have addressed it with city staff on the matter. I just can’t say sorry enough.
Thank you again for being incredibly respectful in a situation where I would understand if you were not!! Hope you have a much better day than I am having!!
Happiness & good health to you and yours!!

Thank you very much for addressing this matter to me. I know you didn’t have to, so I appreciate your taking time to let me know what is happening. Stay well.

I am enforcing very strict flag policies at the city and they will take effect immediately. Just can’t tolerate something like this ever again. Take care and thank you Tom!

At this point I’m satisfied that the problem has been taken care of, but I’d still like to know who did it and what sort of disciplinary action is going to be taken to prevent such a thing as this from happening ever again. I will give it sometime before I ask again.


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