Jeb Bush, Common Core and Nevada

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush — who championed federally funded Common Core standards — continues distancing himself from them. During the recent FOX News GOP debate, Bush said he didn’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of education standards.

“I don’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of standards directly or indirectly, the creation of curriculum or content. It is clearly a state responsibility,” he said.

He added, “If states want to opt out of Common Core, fine; just make sure your standards are high.”

For Bush to approve Common Core and to claim he doesn’t believe the federal government should be involved is a paradox that wasn’t challenged by debate moderators. Bush’s statement that it’s okay to opt out of Common Core, but to “make sure your standards are high” also shows he doesn’t believe in state control of education, but rather having states adhere to federal regulations.

Bush will hold a noontime meet-and-greet Wednesday in Reno. Later in the evening, the Progressive GOP presidential candidate’s scheduled to attend a North Las Vegas town hall meeting.

Speaking of Nevada and Common Core, state lawmakers have given the final go-ahead to adopting Common Core math standards for high school students. A 12-member Legislative Commission voted 11-1 to approve the regulations, which have supposedly been reviewed several times.

Unfortunately, the move was the last piece needed to fully apply Common Core-aligned standards in high school. In the past, they were excluded from regulations because of technical problems.

Those problems included a widespread computer crash in Nevada, Montana and North Dakota. Furthermore, computer errors started appearing three weeks into the 12-week testing window, with only 30,000 students completing the required tests in English language arts and math before the servers overloaded.

The Nevada Department of Education filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire-based Measured Progress, the company hired to oversee testing, citing breach of contract. This year, Nevada has hired a new testing service, CTB/McGraw-Hill at a cost of $51 Million to the citizens of Nevada over the next four years.

In the end, whether regulated by the states or the federal government, Common Core is nothing more than a re-education platform, aimed at instilling Progressive beliefs in our children without their knowledge and without parental consent.


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