Pardon My Interruption

I received an email asking, “What’s wrong with you – no more daily politics?”

It’s nice that someone noticed that I had stopped blogging everyday and that I wasn’t focusing on national politics either. And no – there’s nothing wrong with me or anything.

I jus’ took a break so I could cleanse myself of the anger, hurt and disappointment I’ve been living with these past few years. The constant writing, the constant research, the constant hunt for the deeper truth had become a grind on my spirit and darkened my soul.

I felt as if I were going to explode from all the rage I had stored up inside me. It can be a real struggle to contain and partition the constant bombardment of negativity  that I see everyday in what I do as the human condition is an ugly one.

So for about two-weeks I did as much of everything else I could find to do aside from writing about the disaster that is our national political scene. I also avoided commenting on society (including the media, et. al.,) to the best of my ability.

I gotta admit that keeping my mouth shut isn’t as hard as keeping my mind blank – though I’m sure there are people I know who’d swear up and down that the latter is a normal function for me. Instead, I did a lot of praying and a lot of self-reflection.

And you know what?

I’m in pretty good shape spiritually. My mind is sharp and my emotions are in check and I continue to work on my physical health – meaning all is well with me.

In the end, we’re still being fed tons of crap that’s knocked our society off kilter. After all, do you really give an eff that ABC News reporter Geo Benitez has proposed to his boyfriend while in Paris or that Pam Anderson (of Playboy/Bay Watch) fame is appearing in nude on a magazine cover?

(Those are the top two articles trending on social media at this time.)

I know that I couldn’t care less about stories like this other than to use them to point out how screwed up our priorities over what is important to our survival and what’s not. And maybe you don’t give a shit about what I have to say and that’s okay too.

I still feel the need to share my thoughts with you in trying to help correct our path.


Let me know what you think...

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