Pentagon Admits Allies Raping Children

Sexual abuse of children, especially young boys, has been a problem in Afghanistan for centuries and now our U.S. military’s being instructed not to intervene. This policy of non-intervention’s intended to maintain good relations with the Afghan police and militia units being training.

It also reflects a hesitance to impose cultural values in a country where pedophilia is a mark of social status. Furthermore several service members are facing career ruining discipline for disobeying it.

An unnamed Pentagon official admitted that such abuse was taking place but denied that there is an official policy that instructs U.S. troops to ignore it.

“There is no policy in place that directs any U.S. military or government personnel overseas to ignore human rights abuses,” the official said. “On the contrary, we monitor such atrocities closely and have continually stood up for those who have suffered exploitation and denial of basic human freedoms.”

Meanwhile, the White House is refusing to comment on the report first issued by the New York Times that punishment is being mete out to U.S. troops who expose the sexual abuse of children.

“For the rules of engagement and the kind of structure that’s in place to guide the relationship between the United States and Afghan members of the military, I’d refer you to the Department of Defense for that,” said spokesman Josh Earnest.

Such evil destroys its host from the inside — and we are that host.


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