My Open Letter to the Pope

To His Most Holiness, Pope Francis:

While I respect your opinion on church matters as that is truly your business, I disagree with your supposition that the ‘over-use’ of ‘air-conditioning’ is ‘harmful.’ Furthermore, most of your views on capitalism’s based on Marxism and is incompatible with the mind of Christ as taught in the New Testament.

With all due respect to your Holiness’s office, had I wished to live as an Argentinean, I would have moved to Argentina. Your native country’s 2001 default on $93 billion in sovereign debt and later currency devaluation caused Argentina’s GDP dropped by 11 percent.

Unemployment doubled to more than 20 percent and inflation rose dramatically. The peso lost nearly 70 percent of its value and basic foodstuffs became scarce and hospitals ran short of essential drugs.

It is true that your country’s debt swaps in 2005 and 2010 brought over 90 percent of the country’s debt out of default, but bondholders lost nearly two-thirds of the face value of their holdings. U.S. federal courts eventually awarded private creditors with the full terms of their bond contracts in 2013, but your governments continued refusal to pay, led to another default in 2014.

And please believe when I say that living through this nation’s so-called recovery from the Great Recession by using Marxist ideal’s on capitalism has been no picnic. People from all walks of life have suffered and continue to suffer monumentally.

So, instead of railing against air conditioning and capitalism, you should be using your position to battle radical Islam and ISIS/ISIL, by saving lives that continue to be extinguished. That is the real threat the world faces.

Finally, enjoy your visit here to the United States of America. I’m certain that you’ll find her people to be mostly warm and inviting.

You stay in my prayers as asked for.

Sincerely yours,
Tom Darby


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