No Rules. Jus’ Write

For years my mantra about this blogging thing had been, “No rules. Jus’ write.” I stole that slogan from the restaurant ‘Outback,’ whose tagline is “No rules, just right.”

Then as I continued to write, I realized I did have rules – and it suddenly appeared hypocritical of me to proclaim a ‘no rules’ statement. Slowly, now I am attempting to return to that old idea because I jus’ wanna write without hindrance. I also want to encourage you to write, too.

Many people worry that they are ‘no good’ at writing and this keeps them from sharing their personal stories. I believe that everyone has stories to tell if they’d jus’ take the time to reflect on their entire life. This leads to another situation that I find in need of addressing: it is okay to ‘brag’ on oneself and on your family.

So now it’s time to sit down at the computer keyboard, the typewriter or a blank piece of paper and write freely about whatever the hell you wanna write about. It’s time that you and I let others know what it is that we’ve lived through and observed and that our lives are  full of unique experiences and thoughts and that our feelings really matter.

What a gift each of us has been given within this opportunity and what a shame if we don’t unwrap it.


Published by

Tom Darby

Former radio personality and newspaper reporter

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