Harry Reid Calls the Kettle Black — AGAIN

Soon to be ex-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is accusing Charles and David Koch of advocating criminal justice reform to cut their legal liabilities. Reid, as per his normal smear tactic, didn’t specify what illegal actions would be absolved by the Kochs’ efforts.

Reid did suggest that the Kochs have become more active in efforts to reduce “overcriminalization” and reform the U.S. justice system “because they have been in the past prosecuted for doing some things that have been illegal.”

“I’m glad they’re on the right side of something finally. Could be that one reason they’re interested in this is because they have been in the past prosecuted for doing some things that have been illegal … And they fought back,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “They are embracing reform now, but it does not negate the many bad things they’re doing to hurt American families.”

Ironically, Reid could benefit from some of the same reform efforts. Such changes would allow him to keep future illegal campaign contributions like those that he received from his granddaughter’s jewelry company or from convicted felon Harvey Whittemore, who illegally funneled nearly $150,000 to his campaign.

During the last election cycle, the Nevada Democrat lambasted the Kochs as billionaires trying to buy political influence through massive campaign spending. Reid has made clear he’ll continue that line of attack during his last 15 months in the Senate.

I’ll be glad when this fucking idiot no longer represents the Silver State — because he sure the hell doesn’t represent me!


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