Tell Us More Lies, Please

Hillary Clinton shaded the facts about her use of a private email account while she was Secretary of State. And Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont wrongly placed the U.S. as the world’s leader in wealth and income inequality.

Clinton, whose defense of her private email server has shifted repeatedly over time, said during the debate that what she did was “allowed by the State Department.”

However, using a private account for all her work emails was inconsistent with long-established policies and practices under Federal law. Clinton was also supposed to turn over her personal emails to the Department at the end of her tenure, not two years later as she did.

Sanders, whose net worth at $528,014 is nearly 8 times larger than the net worth of the average American, claimed the U.S. “should not be the country that has…more wealth and income inequality than any other country.”

Someone ought to tell the that U.S. ranks 42 in ‘income inequality’ according to the World Bank. And in terms of wealth, we’re number 16 out of 46 nations.

So in the end, the truth was a casualty.


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