The House Speaker Fiasco

Every since House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race to succeed Speaker John Boehner earlier this month, plenty of names have been bantered about for the job. At present the only one that seems to be catching any news-time is Congressman Paul Ryan.

Aside from being Mitt Romney’s selection for vice-president in 2012, Ryan, as Chairman of the House Ways And Means Committee, was essential to ushering President Obama’s trade agenda through the House of Representatives. Similarly, on the issue of immigration — Ryan has a two-decade long history of sabotaging Conservative immigration reforms and embracing Progressive ones.

During the 2013 effort to push the Rubio-Schumer bill through Congress, Ryan held secret meetings with Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer to ease the passage of the mass amnesty plan. In fact, Ryan has often invoked the language of Progressive’s in order to smear his Conservative constituents who oppose his plan for mass immigration.

At an event with Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez in Chicago during April 2013, where the two were aggressively stumping for current Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio’s immigration expansion bill, Ryan declared that his Republican constituents’ opposition to large-scale immigration is because “ignorance.”

“We’ve had plenty of waves of immigration that have always been met with resistance in the past—the Irish wave is just but one of them. Each wave is met with some ignorance, is met with some resistance,” stated Ryan.

Furthermore, and to no one’s surprise, retiring House Speaker John Boehner said he supports Ryan’s bid to become the chamber’s next top leader.

“I think Paul Ryan would make a great speaker,” Boehner told reporters. “I think Paul is going to get the support he’s looking for.”

And believe it or not, Senator Harry Reid is claiming to be “a Representative Paul Ryan fan” and says he hopes Ryan will be the next GOP Speaker. Jus’ knowing this — that should kill Ryan’s chances entirely, however the Progressive wing of the Republican Party will do what it wants to help its left-leaning agenda.

And finally — where the hell is the stalwart Conservative Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert when needed? Back in January 2015, he was all hot to trot about ridding Boehner of his job and setting American on the right path again.

“I am still supporting Dan Webster,” says Gohmert.

Disappointing to say the least.


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