The Fallacy of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’

My wife has heard this complaint from me before, “You can’t turn on a sporting event, watch the frigging news or go to the grocery store without some sort of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness,’ crap popping up.”


Yes, learning that the disease exists, that it needs a cure and that over 40-thousand women die annually is important information, but pro-football players wearing pink cleats doesn’t remind me of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness.’  And I’m not alone in this as one breast cancer sufferer considers ‘No Bra Day’ so bogus she decided to speak out about it:

“Breast cancer isn’t sexy. It’s not about saving the boobies. It’s not about no bra day, which is really just an excuse for women to post sexy pics of their nipples pressing through their clothes.”

Then Jenn Alter titled her post: “Here’s your fucking breast cancer awareness.”

She backed it up with this photo:


Yup, this is what ‘Breast Cancer Awareness,’ if it were for real, should be all about. Any questions?


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