California’s “Safety for All Act of 2016″

The failure to ban assault weapons in California hasn’t slowed down Progressives in their wish to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

In new legislation called the “Safety for All Act of 2016″ they plan to ban the possession of magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds. It also mandates that every gun owner in the state get a “firearms purchaser certificate” in order to buy ammunition, which will not only cost up to $50.00 and take two months to get.

And a magazine ban and “firearms purchaser certificate” is only the beginning.

It will require that all ammunition purchases be reported electronically at the moment of purchase to the State, who will record it in a database which will be available to law enforcement. This will likely quadruple the handling time associated with the purchase of ammunition, causing prices to skyrocket.

The new law also forces all dealers to get an “ammunition vendors license” in order to sell ammunition. It will also force all employees of any licensed vendor to get a State issued “Certificate of Eligibility” in order to work with ammunition, as well as ban the private transfer of ammunition as well as the private importation of ammunition.

Finally, there’s also the fact that should the “Safety for All Act of 2016″ be passed, and progressives misuse the 14th Amendment, all state legislators need to do to make it federal law is take it to the Supreme Court. Then we can kiss the U.S. Constitution good-bye.


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