Hook or By Crook

President Obama in a recent NBC interview praised himself for his work on racial justice and combating discrimination as his administration executes the nation’s largest mass release of federal prisoners. But, like always, there’s an underlying hypocrisy in the Progressive agenda.

As part of the movement the U.S. Sentencing Commission lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders and made it retroactive. The Obama administration started releasing the first wave of 6,000 drug convicts who will get out of jail early.

In all, about 50,000 prisoners are eligible for early release and federal authorities claim they’re all “non-violent” offenders whose sentences were ‘too long in’ the first place.

However, the feds went after commercial fisherman Anthony Joseph of New York, for “Fisheries Fraud” because he caught too many fluke, then lied about it. He has been sentenced to seven months in prison, a $603,000 fine and three years of supervised release following incarceration, according to the Department of Justice.

So much for ‘teaching a man to fish,’ when he can jus’ sell drugs to our kids and get a ‘get out of jail free,’ card.


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