Dead Fall

Several hundred trees across Northern Nevada snapped under the weight of a wet snow during a recent storm. Now people want to know who is responsible for the clean up, and how long it will take.

This is a perfect example of what is wrong in the U.S. today as there was time that the responsible for the clean up would belong to us and we would act on it.

Neighbor would help neighbor and no one would have even thought to ask how long it would take a local government agency to get the job done. True, limbs caught on power lines and traffic lights would need government services or the electric company; but still a ‘city tree’ falls on your fence, destroying it, and you have to wait before you cut it up and repair your fence?

This goes against the grain of what built this nation. Sadly, the days of ‘rugged individualism,’ and people who would rather do for themselves than ask for it to be done by anyone else, are gone.

It’s been replaced by a lack of personal responsibility brought on by too many rules and regulations.


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