The Smoke of Progressivism

You’re jus’ blowing smoke up my ass when you claim the Jewish refugee crisis of World War II is anything like the so-called Syrian exodus of today.

First, the Jews were not a terror threat and there is evidence that terrorists are hiding among Syrian refugees. Then there is the fact that the Jews were singled out for persecution by the Nazis and were not initially escaping a war.

Next, the Jews had nowhere to go as they didn’t have a homeland until after it was turned back over to them in 1948. On the other hand Syrian refugees have many places to go as there are 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Opposition to Jewish refugee crisis was “racial.” Shamefully, one of the main reasons immigration laws restricted Jewish entries into the U.S. was to promote the racial, i.e. genetic, superiority of the national “stock.”

However, any opposition to Syrian refugees is based on security concerns. So it’s not bigotry to oppose the Obama administration’s current policy.

There were communities in the U.S., even prior to our entry into World War II that were willing and able to resettle the Jewish refugees. It’s not clear the Arab-American or Muslim-American communities have similar abilities as a recent report to Congress revealed that 90-percent of recent Middle East refugees in the U.S. are on food stamps.

Finally, many of the Syrian “refugees” are neither Syrian, nor refugees. Many of those who have joined the “refugee” wave are from other countries in the Middle East, or even further afield. They pose as Syrian because they know they are likelier to be received sympathetically, given the civil war there.

In addition, a majority — are “migrants,” not “refugees” as defined by international law. The “migrants” include those who have found shelter elsewhere, but prefer the West’s opportunities.


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