There Are No Civilian’s in War

On June 6th of this year I responded to the Facebook meme by writing: “A person who returns fire isn’t a victim — they’re a combatant. LOL”

And I’m guessing Joseph Millard, some schmuck fro New Jersey, jus’ woke up from his slumber beneath whatever rock he was laying under and responded this morning, nearly six-months later, with: “So, when you miss your target and it kills an innocent by stander, what are you then. I prefer to live with civilians not combatants.”

“There are no civilians in war,” I returned, paraphrasing the comic book character, “Sgt. Rock,” of DC Comics fame.

Well, that must have got his panties twisted in a bunch because he really let me have it, responding to me as if he knows me or something:

“You live in a warzone Tom ? Didn’t know that Nevada got invaded. Sorry to here (sic) it. Were (sic) I live it is peaceful and we are civilians.

Also, you are a soldier Tom? What is your rank ? What unit are you in ? Who is your commanding officer ?

I see you are an ex-deputy reservist from your profile. You know we pay billions of dollars for Homeland security. The same that hunted down the bastards in CA and killed them.

So, what is the difference between being shot dead by a terrorist and shot dead by someone in a gun fight with a terrorists who missed his target ?

Not to mention I am not sure how being armed is going to prevent you from being shot at a Christmas party, unless you fell (sic) it is OK, to be at a Christmas part (sic), fully armed, and pointing a gun at every threat you deem necessary.

If you consider where you live a warzone and we are all combatants then I guess the terrorist have already won. We no longer have any peace, we no longer have the freedom because we are so busy judging and condemning each other.

That is mighty sad. I would hate to live where you live.”

Poor Joe is obviously an angry typist. But he jus’ had to open the door…

I shot back (no pun intended,) “It is only an armed citizenry that prevents tyranny, whether at a Christmas party by jihadi’s or by the federal government with its willing puppets and useful idiots. And no, not a soldier. First an Airmen and than a Marine. You, Joe? Ever stand a post?”

I’m betting he hasn’t and never will, preferring instead to let someone else do the harder things in life. But that’s another topic for another day.

And of course I couldn’t help pointing out his error in ‘thought,’ by adding: “And BTW — Homeland Security didn’t stop the jihadi terrorists in San Bernardino — the San Bernardino Police Department did that. In fact, the FBI was relegated to a secondary position while the local’s took the lead, killing both terrorists.”


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