Is Harry Reid in on the Faraday Future Deal?

A Chinese-backed and California-based Faraday Future plans to build a $1 billion electric car manufacturing plant outside Las Vegas, with billionaire Chinese investor Jia Yueting as the company’s major financial backer. From the onset of this news, I’ve been trying to puzzle-out if Senator Harry Reid had anything to do with it, because it sounds like his ‘kind of deal.’

Well, it could be as simple the fact that the new plant will be built inside Apex Industrial Park. Now Apex is managed by Land Development Associates, whose President is Dave Brown, a friend to Key Reid and son of Jay Brown.

But I’m betting it not that simple as Nevada politics is like Kabuki Theater.

Jay Brown is under investigation in Utah for an alleged bribery scheme embroiling Utah Attorney General John Swallow. In Reid’s 2009 autobiography, ‘The Good Fight,’ Reid calls Brown a “longtime friend,” with the families close to the point that their kids frequently played with one another while growing up.

Could be, I have the wrong Brown in mind — but I know that I don’t.

When you look at Reid’s past, there are his connections to the Chinese-back solar-power ENN Mojave Energy, where Reid, through confederates, tried to sell land to the now defunct company for a solar-panel farm. Add to this how Reid introduced Anthony Marnell II, chairman of XpressWest, another Chinese-backed consortium to Elon Musk, the owner of another well known electric car company called Tesla Motors.

Oddly, Musk had already announced plans to move his Hyperloop Technologies Inc. into the same Apex Industrial Park as Faraday prior to Yueting’s decision. To make this seem even more conspiratorial, four of the top five employees Faraday hired are all formerly of Tesla Motors.

Hyperloop, as described by Musk, will provide high-speed travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In 2012 Hyperloop Technologies formed a relationship with China Railway International USA, a consortium led by the Chinese government railway company, which has committed $100 million to the XpressWest project.

Then in September 2014 Reid met with executives from Hyperloop Technologies, where he was asked to introduce Musk and Marnell. As far as anyone can tell, that’s all that came out of that meeting, so at this point, where and how all of this shakes out is anyone’s guess.


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