My Gun Argument Goes to the Dogs

The group ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) is lending its support to an organization that aims to have Pit Bulls banned in the U.S. This organization is described as “a North American coalition of over 50 Pit Bull attack victim support groups, websites and major nonprofit organizations,” according to PETA’s website.

It alleges that Pit Bulls are problematic animals, dogs that it stereotypes as being dangerous to people, families, pets and farm animals and causing problems for taxpayers, shelters, law enforcement agencies. PETA believes killing healthy Pit Bulls saves them from abuse and that it is better to kill them than have them be abused.

A lot of animal rights people are up in arms over this and I am one of them. We cannot wrap our brains around the idea that banning an entire breed of dog is going to somehow make the world a safer place.

It’s easy for me to understand how they are unable to comprehend such an ignorant plan as I have the same difficulty understanding how people can claim that banning a particular type of gun, or gun component will make the world a safer place. It jus’ makes no damned sense.


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